At Octavo Productions we have produced numerous official remixes for artists such as Justin Timberlake, Janet Jackson, Tears For Fears, Britney Spears, Emma Bunton, Korn, Duran Duran, Usher, Brandy ... just to name a few. Many of these remixes had releases and top 10 chart rankings all across the world. Check out a few samples of our work below, or for more remixes visit


Justin Timberlake - "Señorita"
(Dr. Octavo 2step mix)

Jive Records has signed both the Dr. Octavo 2 Step Mix and the Dr. Octavo Crew Bonita Mix of Justin's single "Señorita" for a worldwide release in 2003. The Dr. Octavo 2 Step Mix (along with the original Neptune's mix) has been immediately included on the UK CD single release which has debuted at #13 on the official UK Singles Sales Charts.


Stacie Orrico - "More to Life"
(Dr. Octavo Radio Remix)

The Dr. Octavo Remix of (There's Gotta Be) More to Life (Virgin/ForeFront Records) has had a tremendous worldwide success since its original release date. It has been released and Top 10 charted in US, Europe, Japan, Australia and included on various CD compilations such as The Virgin Records Dance Hits (mixed by Jason Nevins) and The Simple Life 2 Soundtrack (Virgin) just to name few. Dr. Octavo scored #5 on the best selling maxi CD Billboard Charts in 2004 with this remix.


Emma Bunton - "Free Me"
(Dr. Octavo Seduction Mix)

The US release of the solo album "Free Me" (19 Recordgins/UMVD) by ex-Spice Girl member Emma Bunton (aka Baby Spice) included the Dr. Octavo Seduction Radio Edit as a bonus track. A single CD release also featured the full length Dr. Octavo club mix and the instrumental version of the remix.

Destiniy's Child

Destiny's Child - "Cater 2 U"
(Dr. Octavo Crew Body'n'Soul Mix)

For the fourth single from the Destiny's Child album "Destiny Fulfilled", the Dr. Octavo Crew supplied a first class catering service in the form of the Body'n'Soul Mix.


Beyoncé - "Naughty Girl"
(Dr. Octavo Desert Mix)

The Dr. Octavo Desert Mix of this song is just one of no less than four versatile, in your face mixes produced by Dr. Octavo and his remix crew in 2004.