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New Edmonton Studio

Get some impressions of the brand new Candian headquarters of Octavo Productions - Dr. Octavo's new recording Studio in Edmonton:

Edmonton Studio Edmonton Studio Edmonton Studio Edmonton Studio Edmonton Studio
Dr. Octavo

Equipment List (excerpt)

Recording: 2x Tascam DM24, 3x MotU 2408, 2x TC Electronic Powercore Element, 5x Pentium 4 PC, Yamaha NS-10, Alesis Monuitor One, Vestax HDR-6, Rode NT1 Microphone, AKG C-3000 Microphone.

Synths/Samplers: Access Virus B, Micro Q, Korg MS 2000R, Roland JV1080, 2x Akai S2000, Akai S3000.

Vintage: 3x Roland SH-101, Roland TR-909 2x Roland TB-303, Korg Poly 800, Korg DSS-1, 78RPM Vinyl Player, Casio SK-1, 3x Atari ST 1040.

FX Units: Lexikon MPX-1, Lexikon MPX-100, 2x Ensoniq DP/2, 2x Alesis 3630, Art Mach21.

Various: Acoustic Guitars, Electric Guitars, Upright Piano, Electric Basses, Double Bass, Nakamichi, Thai Gong, African Percussion.